There are an exceptional amount of industry specific trade shows and exhibitions happening all around South Africa every year. Trade shows and exhibitions create an environment for industry experts, enthusiasts and media to come together and share insights with one another all under one roof. There is great value in attending these events and it would be obtuse to not make use of all the benefits that it has to offer for your company.

In order to fully draw the benefits and success that trade shows and exhibitions have to offer requires a well-implemented and unique custom designed display booth. When designing a custom display booth there are various things that need to be taken into consideration in order to reach your company goals and objectives for the event. Some of these factors are booth size and type, and budget.

Visiting trade shows and exhibitions are a great investment for any company. To help you understand why this investment is worth it, here are some benefits of attending trade shows and exhibitions:


Trade shows and exhibitions are a great way to promote your brand among key decision makers and professionals in your industry. This is especially beneficial to start-ups, as it is difficult to make your mark and establish yourself in an industry. In early days, raising brand awareness is essential for your company’s success. Here are some tips on how to successfully raise brand awareness at trade shows and exhibitions:

  • Draw the attention of potential leads with eye-catching graphics. Make sure to place your logo strategically throughout your booth and communicate the purpose, products or services of your company clearly.
  • The main purpose of trade shows and exhibitions is to generate residual sales long after the event has passed. Make your contact details and social media information visibly available to ensure that leads can easily find your company.
  • Booth placement is possibly one of the most important factors to consider. The surrounding booths affect the light in which potential leads see your company. If your booth is surrounded by well established brands with exceptional brand equity, you will be associated with these brands and give the impression that you are one of the industry leaders. It also allows for steady foot traffic, as most people are drawn to the brands that they know.


Being surrounded by industry related companies lends opportunity for networking. No matter how big or small your company, building strong business relationships with others in your industry carries many benefits. Trade shows and exhibitions are the perfect playground for meeting potential partners and possibly entering markets that you may not otherwise break into. Wondering how to increase your opportunities for networking? Here are some ideas:

  • Take on a professional approach to trade shows and exhibitions. You want possible partners to take you seriously. Make sure your booth is well executed and creates a good impression.
  • Plan your schedule for the event and take time to scout for social events, such as lunches and other gatherings. This allows you to mingle with industry leaders in an informal and relaxed setting and potentially exchange contact details.


Not only is building partnerships an essential part of business growth, but knowing what your competitors are doing, and using their strengths and weaknesses as opportunities for your company, is a powerful business strategy. Trade shows and exhibitions exposes the offerings and strategies of all the best brands in your industry. It is of utter importance to pay attention to this. See what your competitors are doing to attract customers, whether their strategies are successful or not. Use this to make informed decisions on what to do at your own booth to ensure that you attract as many leads as possible. Here are some tips on how to do effective competitor analysis at trade shows and exhibitions:

  • Do in-depth research and take note of what your competitors deemed to be their best offerings. Keep notes of everything, there is a lot going on at these events and you cannot rely on memory.
  • Always learn from the best. See which booths are attracting the most foot traffic and focus on them.


The people who attend trade shows and exhibitions are there for a reason - to actively look for and buy the right products or services for their needs. Every attendee is a potential targeted lead. All you must do is connect with them and make sure that your brand remains in the back of their mind by having an enticing and memorable booth. Here are some suggestions on how to maximise lead generation:

  • The best way to generate more leads is to stand out above all the rest. Having a custom beautifully designed booth that truly represents your brand will give you the upper hand. To take away some of the pressure, partner with industry experts who specialise in designing and creating custom trade show and exhibition booths and understands your products and services.
  • Attendees get caught up in the uplifting mood of these events, so capitalise on that by trying to close the deal right there and then.
  • If you cannot close a deal straight away, set up meetings for after the event as soon as possible to have another shot at trying to persuade the lead.


Now that you have learned about the benefits of attending trade shows and exhibitions, all that is left is to get the most out of the process — that’s where Four quarters design Studio comes in. Our comprehensive process has a proven track record to give you a competitive edge. Our team includes project and production managers, and designers to help you achieve your company goals. We also provide a turnkey service, as we handle all aspects of your booth from start to finish, such as booth design, pre-production, branded gifts, booth setup and build. This allows you to focus on your business while everything gets done for you – stress free.

A trade show and exhibition should be a fun process — providing new business, increasing brand awareness, presenting networking opportunities, and giving the chance to learn more about the industry you conduct business in. Pick out a trade show or exhibition that matches your product range and begin planning for success!



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