Cape Town Boat Show

Mercedes-Benz contracted us to do their display and event management at this years Cape Town Boat Show. They were launching the X-Class into the Cape Town market and we had to come up with a clever way of displaying the vehicle in a different way. Once again our design team killed this one with their out of the box thinking and design work, using a shipping container and converting it into a ramp and unique vehicle display on the waters edge of the Waterfront.

There were hostesses that were attracting people to the display and while visitors could engage with the Mercedes-Benz sales staff, children (old and young) were entertained on our surf simulators – what a fun design and activation.

Apart from the unique vehicle display, we were tasked with providing a unique customer experience for the guests that attended the show. We designed and installed an upmarket lounge where guests could relax and enjoy an ice cold branded Mercedes-Benz water, a fruit juice or delicious canapé served on trays by upmarket waitresses.

From vehicle display to brand awareness and unique hospitality experience – our team are winners and we have a very happy client.


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