Your exhibition stand design will make or break your success at the event. Your stand design is the first thing people will notice and a beautifully designed stand will entice people to come have a look. If you take the right approach, you will attract a wide range of different people, from industry professionals to casual exhibition attendees.

Four quarters design Studio has compiled a list of exhibition stand design tips and tricks to help ensure success for your event. They work for all industries and have been tried and tested by some of the biggest brands in the world to attract large crowds.

Do you want all your competitors’ stands around you to be envious as you get all the traction? Then read on and you’ll learn some golden rules to tilt the odds of success in your favour.



Unless you are an industry leader like Adidas, KFC, Microsoft or Coca Cola, you must graphically display what your company does. Your brand name is of great importance, but your unique selling point should be the focus of your exhibition stand. When you become a company with established brand equity, the name alone will do the talking and people will associate your brand name with what you’re about.

If the sales representatives manning your stand are repeatedly asked, “What do you do?”, the you have missed the point. Your graphics and banners on your custom exhibition stand should make it clear to the audience what the function of your brand is. This will streamline the interactions between your sales rep and trade show attendees, ensuring their questions are more targeted and specific for higher-value conversations.

Don’t assume that the idea behind your brand is straightforward. You are living and functioning in that world daily, but your audience is not, it might become confusing, so you must spell it out for them.


Every custom exhibition stand should be designed with your company branding in mind. From afar the colours and imagery should represent your brand. If you make use of blue and white in your online and offline marketing, these colours should be present in your exhibition stand design. If there are particular shapes associated with your brand, include these too. Include anything that will visually allow your target market to immediately recognise you.

Even if you’re a newbie in the industry, establishing a brand identity from day one is of major importance. The sooner you become memorable to possible clients, the easier it will be to stand out above all competitor at the exhibition. This is one of the top tips – be consistent with all the branding you have done before the exhibition.


Billboards on a highway are designed to communicate the marketing message in a brief moment and the same must be true of the graphics used on your exhibition stand design. Two main goals must be achieved with your graphics:

  1. Exhibition attendees within your target market must be quickly informed about what you have to offer. This helps avoid being distracted by questions from people that are never going to buy your products. Ambiguous exhibition stand designs can lead to an endless amount of pointless questions that your sales representatives will have to spend time answering.
  2. The graphics must convey the purpose of your brand and possibly the philosophy too. Get as much information across as you can so that the target customer is intrigued to find out more. However, don’t make the mistake of cramming too much into the graphics as it can lead to confusion.

Try to be provocative or controversial, but in a way that will not alienate your target customer. Make bold statements and unorthodox claims if you can deliver on them – graphics can be a powerful tool to accomplish that.


To create a big buzz around your exhibition stand, encourage hands-on interaction. Here are a few stand design tips for adding technology to the experience:

Virtual Reality: In recent years, there has been a huge spike in interest regarding VR and you could add such an experience to your stand. It doesn’t matter if you do not operate in an industry where technology is a big factor. For example, let’s say you’re in the restaurant business. You could include a virtual tour of a new line of restaurants. The tables would be filled with every single dish on the menu so that the customer can visually see what’s on offer. People passing by will be captivated about what kind of VR experience is on offer and get in line to give it a try for themselves.

Recharging Stations: Modern smartphones have taken over the world and you can take advantage of that fact to draw crowds. How? Well, the problem with smartphones is that they are battery-hungry devices that need constant recharging. At exhibitions, attendees are probably taking photos, recording footage, and constantly logging in to their work servers, which consumes a significant amount of battery power. You could provide a comfortable place to sit down and recharge their mobile devices. While they are within the confines of your stand, you can convert the casual visitor into a buyer.

Games and Giveaways: Interactive games and competitions are a great way to create a buzz around your exhibition stand. Think of some cool prizes to give away and you’ll have a flock of engaged exhibition attendees interested in what’s going on at your stand. The exposure will help you stand out from the other stands and sell your products.

At an exhibition, people expect to see the latest and greatest technologies, which means you need to be up to date. Look at what some of the other big companies around the world are doing at their exhibitions and take note.


The amount of space you have to work with at the exhibition should be utilised correctly. You need to strike the right balance between offering as much as possible without creating the feeling of clutter. Attendees like open spaces that they feel comfortable in, so don’t cram stuff in between narrow spaces – it does not work.

Consider the vertical space too. Hanging signs are a great way to attract attention as soon as attendees enter the building. Create that “wow” factor with your exhibition stand design and you’ll set the right tone for the professionalism of your exhibition stand design. It’s all about height and light.


If this seems like a tall order and slightly overwhelming – leave it to the professionals. Four quarters design Studio has got your back. We have the capability to deliver to our clients anything from a unique large intricate set build to a small, compact and effective stand at exceptionally competitive prices and with high quality service delivery. The ethos of our company is all about getting clients to experience a complete hassle-free execution of their brief.


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