This year we designed and built 2 custom exhibition stands at IRFA.

First we designed for Salt who has been our longstanding client since 2012, we build every year for them. This year the brief was to create something in line with the bubbles of Salt’s ecosystem , and in searching this it was found that all things that come together to create the Bubble of Life can be seen as an eco-system.

We incorporated the look and feel of bubble with round glass bowls filled with succulent plants, which were placed and used as décor all-round the circular stand which symbolised a bubble. Salt are all about transparency, and thus the use of walls that were not really there and transparent Perspex panels with branding, all brought this theme together in a clever abstract way. Above was a circular double sided branded banner to ensure brand visibility was still achieved at the show. The stand won BEST STAND and the client said it was their best stand EVER. We are now rebuilding this stand for our client in their offices !!

We also designed and built for 3 Sixty Life, the design comprised curves and was (if looking down from above) in the shape of an S. It incorporated large branding and an overhead banner which showcased their branding and allowed for maximum visibility throughout the hall. The client requested a fun activation on their stand, and are very much into social media. We designed and created an Instagram Board which had a circle cut-out, which clients and delegates could use to take photos through, the circle symbolised 3 Sixty.

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