ORANGE - AfricaCom

This was by far one of the most detailed stands we have ever designed and built and our team blew it apart with their talent and teamwork.

Orange wanted to launch into Africa with a WOW stand and to really make an impact with their display. Their Corporate colours are black and orange, which is not a usual combination. There were a number of business units to take into account and consider with different design elements and features of mini displays all within one large stand display. The stand comprised of wooden finishes and wooden custom made display cabinets, it was a huge double story stand and apart from the different business units, there were 4 enclosed and air-conditioned meeting rooms, 2 smaller technical rooms, a bar & hospitality area as well as smaller lounge areas all strategically positioned throughout the stand. A huge feature on the stand was a 3D logo which was backlit and ran all along the front of the stand showcasing their name and logo to the entire venue. There were many different branding areas and use of fabric and vinyl and lightboxes to ensure that this stand made the impact it wanted to. It won BEST stand at the show and we could not be more proud of all the teamwork that went into making this build and exhibition stand a success.


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