Once again we were awarded the contract to work with Mercedes-Benz at the annual SABOA Truck and Bus Conference. We designed and built both indoor and outdoor stands. The flow started from the outdoor stand, where we designed and built a custom stand which incorporated a large display area of branded Mercedes-Benz mugs which we sourced and supplied. A clever activation to generate leads was put in place with hostesses who managed the stand enticing potential clients to come and exchange their business cards in exchange for a branded Mercedes-Benz mug. The indoor stand had the theme of a dealership with an upmarket coffee bar and bistro where guests from outdoors could come get their branded Mercedes-Benz mug filled with a speciality coffee of their choice. There was a café area on the stand for potential clients to meet and network with sales staff and team members of Mercedes-Benz. Apart from the café networking, there were areas for the sales staff to have discussions with potential buyers and discuss the unique selling points of their busses and vehicles on display. Once again we assisted our client with their gala dinner and provided upmarket branded leather coaster and wine tags for their touchpoints at the annual SABOA gala dinner.

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