So you’ve made the decision to take an exhibition stand at an industry expo but how do you make the most of this opportunity and stand out from the rest of the pack? It really comes down to good planning and consistent effort if you want to make your exhibition stand as profitable as possible. Read more to find out how you can create consistent foot traffic to your stand and generate quality leads.


Your stand is your shopfront and it represents your company and your product. Make sure that it has some visual appeal that passersby will find interesting or attractive. Often, less is more, so avoid signage that has too much text. Rather stick to a logo and some large format images to make an impact.

Choose an appropriate colour scheme that fits in with your corporate identity and branding. Colour is often the first thing to catch someone’s eye.

Take full advantage of the space that you have booked. Double-check the height restrictions as you might have the option to go up. Four Quarters Design Studio has the design knowledge and technical expertise to build a double-storey custom exhibition stand or add a suspended bulkhead above your stand. Both of these design elements are sure to get you noticed.

You should also ensure that there are no barriers to entering the display area. Keep furniture, counters and brochure stands out of the way in order to allow a good flow of foot traffic.


So you’ve chosen an amazing custom built exhibition stand, now you need to tell people to come and see it.  Don’t be shy to let people know that you will be exhibiting at a show as it will help to generate interest.

Add a note in your company email signature inviting clients to visit your stand.  Add a news flash or banner ad on your website.  Use the appropriate hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to take advantage of the organisers’ marketing efforts and align yourself with the event.  You could also send out an email message to your clients telling them about your attendance and any possible show specials or promotions.


Your exhibition stand team needs to be friendly and approachable but without pushing a hard sell.  You should choose staff that are confident and comfortable talking to strangers and can easily initiate conversations about your product.  Often it’s helpful to have an opening line or question to encourage a conversation in a natural way.  Good examples would be “Have you heard about our product?” or “Is there something in particular you are interested in?”

One person might act as the “people greeter” to interact with passersby.  He or she would try and engage with them and encourage them onto the stand.  The rest of the staff would then attend to those visiting the stand.  No one should be left waiting to be attended to and every person ignored is a potential lead lost.


Instead of handing out promotional freebies like everyone else why not do something a little different instead?  Perhaps run a competition, a raffle or a quiz to encourage visitors to engage with your sales team.  Instead of picking up a free pen and walking away, make it an engaging process and profit from the interaction by getting an email address or the chance to talk about your products.

Make sure that the promotion or competition is relevant to your brand and gives meaningful information about your products.  Gift vouchers and free samples are an effective way to encourage visitors to try your brand.

You can also show your own confidence in your product by offering live demonstrations.  This will allow potential buyers to see your product and its benefits in action.  It will also create a buzz and drive customers to your stand.

With the help of a great exhibition stand design company, trade shows can be very profitable in generating sales leads but there needs to be a good marketing and sales support plan in place to make full use of the investment in your stand.

Four Quarters Design Studio has the capacity to design and deliver anything from a unique, large, custom built exhibition stand to a small, compact stand at exceptionally competitive prices.  We offer high quality service delivery at all major exhibition and convention venues across South Africa.

At Four Quarters Design Studio we don’t sell exhibition stands – we sell peace of mind.  Contact us now to find out how we can help you make your next exhibition stand a success.


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