Mercedes-Benz were the proud Sponsors of the 2018 UCI Event that was held in Stellenbosch and Four quarters design Studio was the proud design and installation team of their display at the outdoor event. We designed using branded containers that was the backdrop and storefront of their vehicle display. One container was dedicated to a shopfront, where you could purchase both branded token items related to the event or larger items which were accessories to their vehicles on display. The double storey container was their office downstairs, behind closed glass doors where they could work in private in an air conditioned environment. In front of this was a DJ set up to create an atmosphere to the display and their entertainment area for prospective clients was upstairs where they could watch the festivities from the show with nothing in their way. The 4th container was used as their activation container which we had a coffee bar of iced coffee and smooths, a Wii game setup for some fun and a massage parlour where the cyclists could come and get a massage while listening to the tunes of our fun DJ.

What a great project for our team. Well done to everyone.

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